Use Email Marketing To Remind Your Clients

The surge in the number of websites selling goods and services has led to an increase in the number of online vendors, each trying to outdo the others in promoting their wares and increasing their client base. They try different methods to lure clients to their website. It includes Google Adwords and advertising on social media and video channels such as YouTube. Unfortunately, the majority of them tend to overlook the powers and the cost-friendly features of Email Marketing. There are many occasions when people visit a website for the first time and load their shopping cart with stuff from it. However, a majority of such potential customers end up navigating away from the site without completing the purchase process. The chances are that they were not satisfied with the price or maybe they did not find the exact brand or specifications of the product they wanted to buy. In such situations, it becomes impossible for the website owner to find out who the customers were. There is no way that they can correspond with the visitors to find out why they did not complete their purchase. Email marketing is a saviour in such situations. They help you gather a database of visitors to your website and use that information to correspond with them.

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How to implement email marketing

The best way to implement email marketing is to include a product (it can be something as simple as a .pdf booklet or discount coupon(s)) on the landing page. However, the visitor has to fill up a short form with their name and email address to access the freebie. You can also request the visitor to register with your online store before they can purchase any goods from it. Again, ensure that you offer a special discount for first-time purchasers. Use this method to harvest name & email addresses of visitors who have registered with your website as well as gather their IP. Many websites request visitors to allow the site to drop cookies (small pieces of text containing a wealth of information about the visitor). The next time any client visits your online shop, adds goods to their shopping cart, but leave without purchasing, you have the option of identifying them. Since they have to login into your site before purchasing anything, you have their email information too. Use this information to send them emails, requesting them to state why they did not purchase goods from your store. With a bit of luck, you can coax the visitor to revisit your site and complete his or her purchase. Implement the power of email marketing today.